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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Archive Post #3 - from Gingerology - originally posted February 11, 2010

OK...Here's the Kitty Questions...

...Remember, most of these are pretty specific, and hopefully in 'chronological order' watching the movie beforehand will make them a bit easier...a few pics are added to perhaps 'prod' your memory (well, the last one is just a cool one of Ginger and Jimmy at the Oscars...)
The term (real time) means the question refers to points in the movie that are...well, in the movie's 'present', and not in 'flashback' time...and, as usual, the answers are in the comments...GOOD LUCK!!! - PS - some Q&As may be somewhat of a 'spoiler', so, if you haven't watched it yet...GO WATCH IT!!!!

Q1 - (real time) What is Kitty's first line in the movie?

Q2 - (real time) What is the name of the store which Kitty works at the beginning of the movie?

Q3 - What is the last name of Mark, Kitty's doctor beau?

Q4 - (real time) Where does Mark want to meet Kitty at midnight?

Q5 - (real time) What building is Kitty living in?

Q6 - (real time) What is the first thing Kitty says to Wyn, who has 'snuck in' to her room?

Q7 - (real time) Where is Wyn going?

Q8 - (real time) What dock number is Wyn wanting Kitty to meet him at midnight?

Q9 - (real time) How old is Kitty, according to her 'conscience' in the mirror?

Q10 - What street was Kitty's childhood home on in Philly?

Q11 - What is Kitty's 'Pop' doing when we first meet him?

Q12 - Where does Kitty learn to type?

Q13 - What EXACT date does Kitty meet Wyn Strafford VI?

Q14 - What does Wyn use to try to put the fire out in the trash can?

Q15 - What magazine is Wyn editor of?

Q16 - Who does Kitty say that Wyn sounds like on the Dictaphone?

Q17 - What is the name of the Italian liquor that Wyn orders for them in Giono's?

Q18 - Where do Wyn and Kitty go when they leave Giono's?

Q19 - What song is Kitty 'playing' on Wyn's arm?

Q20 - What is the name of Kitty and Pop's maid?

Q21 - What is Kitty's address in New York, where she lives with two roommates?

Q22 - What are the names of Kitty's two roommates?

Q23 - Kitty buys a Philly paper and reads about the 'Assembly' is the ___th annual one.

Q24 - How did Wyn find Kitty in New York?

Q25 - Kitty says that dancing is good training for women because?

Q26 - According to Kitty, how many generations does it take to make a bunch of people like the 'current' Straffords?
Q27 - What is the number of the Philly operator that called Kitty's boss and left Kitty a message?
Q28 - What date did Wyn marry Miss Veronica Brook Gladwyn?
Q29 - What does Kitty tell Giono to tell Wyn after she learns he is married?
Q30 - How old would Tom Foyle, Kitty's candidate for the year 2000, have been in 2000?
Q31 - What does Wyn Stafford VII leave at the place Kitty is working?
Q32 - (real time) What time is it when the bellhop picks up Kitty's luggage for the cab?
Q33 - (real time) What does the doorman say after Kitty rides away?

Well, that will hopefully be enough to give you something to ponder for a bit...hope you enjoy!
Again, answers in the comment section...


  1. ANSWERS!!!

    A1 - "Men bachelors are that way on purpose."

    A2 - Delphine Detaille Cosmetiques

    A3 - The last name of Mark is never revealed

    A4 - St. Timothy's Hospital

    A5 - Pocohantas Hotel for Women

    A6 - "Well, what are YOU doing out of Philadelphia on a night like this?"

    A7 - Buenos Aires

    A8 - Pier 48

    A9 - 26

    A10 - Griscombe Street

    A11 - Winding a clock

    A12 - Veasy Business College

    A13 - July 23, 1932, at 4:37 pm

    A14 - A rolled-up rug

    A15 - Philly - A magazine of Philadelphia for Philadelphians

    A16 - Ronald Coleman

    A17 - Strega

    A18 - Lake Pocono

    A19 - Night and Day

    A20 - Myrtle

    A21 - 1622 Rex Hill, Apartment 31

    A22 - Molly and Pat

    A23 - 186th

    A24 - He just followed his heartbeat

    A25 - "It's the first way a girl learns what a man is going to do before he does it"

    A26 - Six

    A27 - #12

    A28 - February 14th

    A29 - "Tell him his first one is a boy"

    A30 - Sixty-five

    A31 - Stuffed panda bear

    A32 - 25 to 12

    A33 - Well, Judas Priest!!!
  2. Excellent trivia! Many were "ooh, ooh, I know this one" tip of the tongue answers, lol! Sadly I didn't have time to watch the movie last night but I've seen it so many times, I'm ashamed I couldn't answer more of these readily.

    As for Strega, I actually saw a bottle of it in a liquor store once and it was exactly the same bottle as in the movie - it obviously hadn't changed much over the years! I was just dying to buy it, but not being 21 yet, and the price tag being $50, it just wasn't possible at the time, heh. I've looked for it in every liquor store I've been in since, but have never seen it again. Alas.
  3. Alright Im watching it! Look what youve started! Not looking at the answers yet but I had to comment I have a new favorite Ginger moment. Its right after Wyn leaves and Kitty picks up her snowglobe. She picks it up and shakes it with this gorgeous smile. I need to make a screencap of it! Im not sure it would make a good avatar with my screenname!
  4. Okay movie's over - here we go - Lets see how well I do

    Q1 -
    "Men bachelors are that way on purpose"

    Q2 -
    Delphine Detaille Cosmetique (Okay weird I just realized that one of my kids at school today was telling me about "Grammy Delphine" not a name you hear very often)

    Q3 - What is the last name of Mark, Kitty's doctor beau?
    Mark has a last name?

    Q4 - (real time) Where does Mark want to meet Kitty at midnight?
    St. Timothy's Hospital. (12 smack on the dot)

    Q5 - (real time) What building is Kitty living in?
    Pocahontas Hotel for Women

    Q6 -
    "Well, what are you doing here?"

    Q7 -
    Buenos Aires

    Q8 -
    Pier 48

    Q9 -
    26 (even though Kitty claims shes 24- but shes not old anyway!)

    Q10 -
    Griscom Street

    Q11 -

    Q12 -
    Oh shoot! It starts with a V! V_____ typing school! (Thats my moment of seeing her named spelled Katherine and wishing my parents had spelled it that way haha)

    Q13 -
    July 23rd at exactly 4:37 PM

    Q14 -
    A rug

    Q15 -
    The Philly (A Magazine About Philadelphia For Philadelphians

    Q16 -
    Ronald Colman

    Q17 -

    Q18 -
    Lake Pocano to see the moonrise!

    Q19 -
    Night and Day

    Q20 -

    Q21 -
    No clue

    Q22 -
    Mary and Pat

    Q23 -
    186th Annual

    Q24 -
    He just followed his heartbeat

    Q25 -
    Its the first way a girl learns what man is going to do before he does it.

    Q26 -
    6 generations

    Q27 -
    Operator 12

    Q28 - What date did Wyn marry Miss Veronica Brook Gladwyn?
    Not sure - but does it matter - the dingy broke Kitty's heart!

    Q29 -
    The first one's a boy

    Q30 -
    65 years old

    Q31 -
    "I forgot my bear!"

    Q32 -
    25 minutes to 12

    "Well, Judas Priest!"

    Hey not too shabby! That was fun!
  5. PS - IMDB reports Mark's last name as Eisen. Dr. Mark Eisen. I took a peak at the Kitty page there because I knew Id seen Kitty's roommate Pat (Mary Treen) before. She was the lady who worked at the Building And Loan in Its A Wonderful Life! Apparently she also shows up uncredited in Dreamboat and also appeared in Bundle of Joy - the remake of Bachelor Mother. Hmmm shes also uncredited as the secretary in Roxie Hart too.
  6. Gingerella - Glad you liked it! Will try to do one of these every so often - it is neat to come up with questions, and also helps out with Ginger knowledge!!!
    A bottle of Strega, especially one with the same label, would be neat...although I am honestly a tee-totaller, would like that for the VKM collection!

    SG - Great work! Glad you enjoyed it. Eisen? may be, but the end credits just have 'Mark'... seems like it would be in there somewhere... something to look for upon the next viewing!

    OK, what movie should be next? probably a GandF one... Swing Time, perhaps?
  7. Hey Ive got some Barkleys questions if you want them. Look what youve started!
  8. Hope all is well. If you check out my latest Pink Saturday. It features the Ginger Rogers doll I bought for my daughter. Although the pictures are not that great from my iphone camera, you can still cleary see it. She's so pretty!!
  9. Shabbychic just peeked at your blog. Youre right the Ginger doll is beautiful and I love all your pink stuff. Imagine a post full of pink stuff ending with a Ginger doll. Miss Rogers would be proud!
  10. Thanks for the info, SCD! I have fallen behind on my 'blog surfing'... very cool doll! Again, my daughter would really like that one...
    Being a guy, of course, there's that unwritten rule that pink is not to be considered as a color of choice...well, I dig green best, anyway... but pink reminds me of VKM, so it is a bit special! AND, my daughter's room is a 'marbled' pink, and she is big on it - although recently she has become more of a purple fan...
  11. Wow, I loved your blog! I love Ginger - the pictures you published are wonderful. I'm saving lots of them to myself!
    I wrote a post on her and Fred too. I'd like you to visit my blog and tell if you liked the post and photos.
    Congrats on yours!
  12. Thanks for the kind words, Danielle! I did check out your blog - the Movies, Movies Movies one is GREAT!!! Is that the blog you were referring to? The address in your comment sent me to something talking about blog maintenance (which I probably need plenty of! :-] )
    I hope to get some other things going on here, mainly some Ginger tunes and 'spoken word' stuff, as SG and I have been discussing (she is VERY good at digging up Ginger stuff...) also want to start a 'This Day in Gingerology' daily post...have quite a bit of info, but just needing to get going on it...alas, that 'work schedule' and 'family' stuff takes precedence, as it WELL should...
  13. Hey do you want me to send you the Barkleys questions I came up with? I got about 30 questions all together.
    You can use them (all or none) if you want.
  14. Sure, SG! OR, if you'd rather do a post on your blog, that's cool, too!
    I will 'advertise' over here if you want to... but either way is fine with me... your call!
    PS - got the 'parts 4,5, and 6' of Ginger My Story 'mp3'd' last night. I honestly should be able to get the last 6 done tonight - not too hard at all, really.
    The more I think about it, I might do the 'YouShare' deal in lieu of putting something on the blog itself - just put a 'link' to it on G-ology... can't you do pics on there, too?
  15. Yup. Pics are easier than anything. Looks like pics,music and videos seem do-able.

    Ill email you the questions and answers since youre blog is a little bit more fitting...although mine seems to be focusing more and more on Miss Rogers :P Keep an eye on your email!
  16. ...I will do the Barkley Trivia on the 25th, to 'coincide' with the TCM airing of it...albeit at 3 am, folks can record it or jsut get an early start to their day (sorry, not doing that...I have the disc...:-] ) - but in general, will try to do these in conjunction with a TCM airing...of course, March is a free-for-all...
    looked at the QandA...great job! I need to start doing more of the video stuff... that actually would be just like 'SceneIt!' I will get it all set up tomorrow - afraid I will mess up something tonight...
  17. The clips were pretty easy. I have a fantastic program on my computer that allows me to just copy chapters and then of course I can trim them if I need to. But it was really fun to come up with the questions - and not as hard as I thought....maybe Ive just seen the movie too many times. Recently I saw a picture from Barkleys with Ginger sitting in a car with the dude who played Jacques and hes holding her hand. Not a scene I remember from the movie (shes also wearing the pink and white dress from the end of the movie). I REALLY want to know whats going on there...did they change the ending?

    Im also in love with the pic of Ginger, Fred and Judy that I put at the top of the quiz!
  18. Thanks again for the 'Barkleys post'! Sorry the video stuff got messed up...I need to take a class in 'post attachments' or whatever...
    And yes, that pic of GandF with Judy is quite interesting! for the neding, not sure what happens there...but I feel sure Josh and Dinah end up together...could have been an 'alternate' finale, tho... someone could write a pretty cool book about 'outtakes' and 'alternate endings' of movies, and actually have a DVD in it showing the stuff... if one could get access to that stuff...
  19. I wish we could find that one but I dont think we'll be that lucky. Speaking of "lost footage" I came across a website that deals with audio copies of TV shows where the video footage has been lost - one of them being Ginger's TV show. So inquired how much they want for it. 90 bucks for a audio cassette! A little steep for me!
  20. oof... you know, SOMEBODY has to have a copy of the whole show, video/audio...not sure I would pay $90 for audio would be cool, but hey... gotta see Ginger, right?
    Not sure where one would go to find that, unless from the network - not sure which one it was... NBC, I think...
  21. I found a clip from Producer's Showcase:Tonight at 8:30 - Ginger's first TV appearance. I emailed the website and asked them if they had any more clips or if there was a copy of the production to buy.
  22. ...there are so many TV appearances for her, I bet... not sure how one could keep up with them... even an OGRE would be potentially overwhelmed... a somewhat related note, the 'book' I bought a bit ago - Homer Dickens - lists quite a few 'short films', like 'Hollywood on Parade', and stuff like that...probably like, 5 seconds of Ginger footage, but... :-)

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