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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Archive Post #1 - from Gingerology, originally posted October 1, 2009

...Just a reminder...

...Our miss Kitty will be on TCM at 5:00 CST today (10-1-09).

Sure everyone has Kitty Foyle in their collection, is almost is an obligation to watch it when it is shown...unfortunately, I have other things happening, so y'all please say hey to Kitty for me... :-)

Jwalker - VKmfan - PG Giza


  1. I'm so excited! My dad recorded it for me! - which gives him even more "Best Dad Ever Points!" I've only seen the first half or so, and I can't wait to see the rest (and add it to my DVD collection)!
  2. I DO NOT HAVE TCM. >:(
  3. Same here, Lauren... and I did not get to see Kitty Foyle yet :/
  4. Maria, you should order Kitty Foyle offline. That's what I did, and I got it for like 5 dollars!

  5. ...wish y'all could get hooked up with TCM -it is a really cool network.
    I have always thought it was a nationwide deal, but maybe not as 'common' in certain areas, unfortunately... I remember when Uncle Ted started his SuperStation in ATL back in the mid-70's, and we got it thru cable - he basically showed Braves baseball, old sitcoms like Gilligan's Island, and old movies.
    The first cable service we had went from channels 2-13, or the VHF channels (y'all probably haven't heard much about that...oof) ...that was it. Of course, the big selling point originally was reception - no blurry, snowy antenna reception anymore, just crystal clear cable feed.
    Anyway, hope some folks, like AC, got to see it in some manner... and yes, Kitty is not free, but quite reasonable from most any on-line retailer... I like the cartoon they added on the DVD - It's a Tom and Jerry, aptly titled 'Kitty Foiled'... nothing unique about the cartoon itself, just typical Tom-Jerry stuff, if you have seen one, you've seen them all...but cool title, especially since it was from MGM, not RKO.
  6. Lauren, Jwalker, I think this Christmas I?m going to spoil myself with a bunch of Ginger's DVDs ;)
  7. Don't say that about Tom and Jerry!!!! That was my favourite cartoon!!!!!!
    And TCM comes with extended cable. I don't even have cable cable. Fun fact I don't even have a television in my dorm room.

    Maria if you ever have trouble finding DVDs I have no problem helping you out! I'm good at amazon and ebay searches. :)

  8. Thanks a lot for your offer, lauren :D I love to buy stuf through Ebay and Soon I'll have to ask about which Ginger's movies should watch/get first. When I started watching Fred&Giinger's movies I wasn't too attracted to her but, as I'm rewatching them--- I'm getting addicted to her. ;)
  9. Maria - Cool! I have already taken a large advance on this Christmas (and most likely the next few) after buying quite a few Ginger movies! eBay has a good selsction of new, used, and 'burned/taped/ripped' stuff, as well as iOffer, which is best described as a somewhat'lesser' version of eBay... of course, Amazon is a good site for new stuff, as well as Movies Unlimited, which I think is part of TCM - they seem to advertise on each other's sites quite a bit.

    Lauren - I am a big Tom and Jerry fan, too! To me they are second only to Looney Tunes, and of course Chuck Jones did a lot of Tom and Jerry, also... I guess I was just trying to convey that there are no references to the movie 'Kitty Foyle' in the cartoon... but again, they all are about Tom trying to catch Jerry for whatever reason... kinda like Road Runner - Coyote... but that is what makes it Tom and Jerry, right? Kind of like "Fred and Ginger movies are all about dancing..." but they are all definitely different, so I guess I see your point of contention... er... ok. In other words, you can always have the plot as 'getting from point A to B', but there are an infinite number of routes to accomplish that...
  10. Jwalker, haha, I did the same. I took an advance at Christmas by buying a few days ago the Ultimate Fred & Ginger DVD collection. I simply couldn't wait 3 months to get it. ;)

    Movies Unlimited, I didn't know that one. I'll definitely take a look at that site when I'll start getting Ginger's movies. Thanks!
  11. That was my Christmas present last year - the Fred and Ginger collection!!!

    "When I started watching Fred&Giinger's movies I wasn't too attracted to her but, as I'm rewatching them--- I'm getting addicted to her."
    I felt the same way Maria. It was actually watching Stage Door for the second time that really got me to appreciate her.

    @ jwalker: Oh okay.
    Guess what I'm getting Perfect Strangers anyway, so I don't have to wait for it!!
    That would be pretty difficult to reference Kitty Foyle in a Tom and Jerry. Did you send me an e-mail? Did I reply? I need to check later.

  12. Lauren, I'm still waiting to get the F&G (surely in a couple of weeks it will finally arrive here) I know it silly, I already watched all the films but, I can't wait to get and re-watched them again as soon as I'll have it in my hands.

    Oh, in my case, I started to appreciate Ginger the 3rd time I was watching Roberta. She is so gorgeous and lovely there that's impossible not to fall in love with her there.
  13. I agree she's adorable in Roberta!! I like her hairstyle in that one. Though my favourite of the ten is Swing Time, Roberta is pretty much tied with ST actually...

  14. Maria - The box set is really just great - worth every penny and more... it is what got me to really searching for other Ginger movies... If there was one thing I would 'add' to the box, it would be more tunes on the music CD included in the box...they only have 10 on there; all are essential, but there is a 2-CD set out there which has basically EVERY song from all 10 F& (that is how we say it around here :-) ) movies... But, just a minor issue - the set is just awesome... bought it for my mom, and she watches them lie. Follow the Fleet is her fave, and I am gathering it may be yours as well, from your blog... it's a great one - my fave part is the 'practice' number (Needle in a Haystack) where everything is JUST a bit off... :-) of course, the 'Ginger Audition' scene is just awesome, too!
    BTW, here is a link to Movies Unlimited, with Ginger stuff listed...
  15. Lauren -
    Glad the Tom and Jerry misunderstanding is cleared up...(although that statement sounds a bit...strange, no?) ...actually, one of my fav T&J's was one where Tom was 'courting' a lady cat, and he proceeded to serenade her playing upright bass and singing 'Is you is, or is you ain't my baby'...just a neat little scene, as Jerry is in his 'hole' nearby, bouncing around whenever Tom hits a note.
    OK... now, as for Perfect Strangers...that is great news!!! Hope it is a good copy for you! It would be neat to be able to see that one! I really don't think I have seen that one! :-)

    Oh, PS to both of you - Roberta is pretty cool, and who could forget that Scharwenka character Ginger plays! :-)
    Actually, my fave G&F is... tough to figure. If I had to pick one to represent the 'franchise', it's hard to go against 'Swing Time'... but 'Shall we Dance' is a good one to me, just for the story line and comic relief... the only thing, they really did not have an 'epic' dance routine (a'la 'Cheek to Cheek', smoke gets in your Eyes, 'Face the Music', etc...) in that one, strangely enough.
  16. OH MY GOD I REMEMBER THAT EPISODE!! I always found it hilarious when they would talk (or rather sing) because it never sounded like what I thought they would sound like! The only who talked a lot was the gray mouse who seemed very naive but would always foil Tom.
    I love one episode where Jerry goes grocery shopping in the refrigerator and has his little cart, and puts an olive in it which fills up the whole cart. I don't know why I love that grocery shopping bit, but I just do. :D

    "Oh, PS"
    That sounds like me! :)

  17. Aw, the 2cds with G&F songs (sorry, we say it here the other way) I couldn't stop listening it since I got it.

    Mm, I think it's a tie between Follow The Fleet and Roberta. Their characters in both movies are wonderful and the musical numbers terrific, not as good as in Swing Time but really good... but I think that lately Roberta wins. Oh, the 'Ginger Audition' scene... yeah, fantastic one indeed and, damn! she got perfect legs ;)

    You bad man.. stop tempting me to spend money in Ginger's movie by sending me links ;) (now, seriously, thanks for the link, I think I will get a few movies soon *rubs hands in anticipation*)
  18. Haha well people usually say F&G here too, but Huey is just stating his obsession with Ginger.

    Follow the Fleet is a really good one, especially because I'm in love with things that are nautical.

  19. Haha well people usually say F&G here too, but Huey is just stating his obsession with Ginger.

    Lol! Tsk, tsk, Huey... do not confuse me that way.
  20. Maria - Movies Unlimited has pretty much all of the 'mass market' Ginger flicks that are out there now... otherwise, I suggest eBay and iOffer... a bit less 'guaranteed', but there are some nice finds on those sites. and hey, if anyone gives you a hassle about spending money, just remind them there are a LOT worse ways to spend your cash... :-)
    AND, sorry for the Ginger / Fred confusion, but...ladies first, you know... so G&F it is, no? Or, how about 'meshing' their names? so, either it's "Gingefred" or, "Freinger" (I think the latter one is more catchy, even tho Fred is first...)

    Lauren - How about when Tom drops an anvil or something on his foot - his yell is just hilarious to me, as far as a yell can be hilarious... :-)
    And yes, it's time to admit it...I...I have a problem... The first step is admitting you HAVE a problem... and there is no known solution... except...except...
    MORE GINGER!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ...ok...I'm...better now... oof.
  21. P.S.-
    ...Isn't it a bit interesting that a post which is 'Just a Reminder' ends up having 20 + comments, while the posts that take half the night to compile get only one or two comments?
    Just an aside there...
    From your friendly blogmaster, JWalker...
  22. Jwalker, no one is going to say anything about spending money because my husband does the same with the fandoms that he likes ;) So no problem there.

    and, yeah, from now on, it will be ladies first ;) oh and "Freinger" doesn't sound bad, haha (I'm a big fan of Fred too)

    Yes, it's quite curious how the best and more interesting posts lack of a good conversation and small posts get... this. ;) but it's really nice 'cause, thanks to comments like this, I get to talk to other fans.
  23. I think we should revise it to 'Fringer' because that e in the middle just isn't doing it for me... even though a fringer sounds like a skateboarding move or a type of ice berg.

    AHAHA Tom's yell is really funny! I can hear it in my mind right now! :D Or when he roasts his tail.

    "'Just a Reminder' ends up having 20 + comments, while the posts that take half the night to compile get only one or two comments?"
    It's probably whichever catches my attention because I tend to comment comment and run the whole thing out! :S


    PS I will attempt that trivia... but not right now because I'm a little scared and I have an essay to write!
    But not right now. I need to be up in 4 hours so GOODNIGHT!
  24. I think we should revise it to 'Fringer' because that e in the middle just isn't doing it for me... even though a fringer sounds like a skateboarding move or a type of ice berg.

    Sure! We were just kidding ;)

    Oh, scared? Why is that so? Lucky with your essay anyway, Lauren :)
  25. Yes, I'm being lighthearted about the name as well.

    "Oh, scared? Why is that so?"
    If you haven't seen his previous trivia posts, I left comments on all the previous ones about how horribly I do. I usually get 2 or 3 correct for each. :S

    Still running on that 4 hours of sleep! Haven't taken a nap yet!

  26. ...I will try to make future trivia posts more 'Lauren-friendly' :-)

    (I know I will catch grief about this statement...sorry, couldn't resist!!!)
  27. Trivia is never Lauren Friendly.

  28. Well, maybe I will throw some more 'mainstream' ones on the next round, for some of the new folks here... mix in a few toughies, tho... again, I would know very little of this w/o major researching beforehand...

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