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Ginger turns in her 1940 AcademyAward Best Actress winning role as Kitty Foyle, a hard-working girl from the wrong side of Philly, who gets mixed up with a dude from the right side of Philly, by the surname of Strafford...Wyn Strafford (Dennis Morgan), who is in love with Kitty, but also in love with...his surname... the classic tale of forbidden class romance, and how money talks... but, as I've said before, you don't HAVE enough money to keep Hu away from Kitty!

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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Archive Post #2 - from Gingerology - originally posted February 10, 2010

...Reminder...and 'intro'... a future post (VERY near future) regarding Kitty Foyle, which is being aired on TCM tomorrow at 11:30 AM Eastern Time - if you don't have it, then Judas Priest, tape it... it's KITTY!!!
AAAAND, in conjunction with this great movie, Gingerology is introducing a new feature, or at least a 'twist' on a regular practice around here... we will call it "SceneGinger" (there's a DVD board game with a similar title...maybe a few of y'all have played it...)

It works like this... I will note for y'all to watch a Ginger, WATCH KITTY FOYLE!!! Then, as soon as I can post, probably this time tomorrow night, unfortunately, but maybe sooner, I will post a QUITE extensive list of questions regarding scenes from the movie...some pretty easy, some not so much...the key is to watch CLOSELY.

ANOTHER AAAAND - 'Roberta' is also airing on TCM tomorrow, at 6:00 PM Eastern. While we are at it, 'Flying Down to Rio' will also be shown early Friday morning (2/12), at 4:00 AM Eastern.

Until then, Keep It Gingery!!!



  1. Its like a mini Ginger marathon today. Unfortunately I have to go to work so ll miss Kitty (but of course I have it) and Ill be recording Roberta and Flying Down To Rio. Unfortunately for me I was also planning on recording Singin In the Rain but I want Roberta and Flying Down to Rio on the same disc and Im not getting up in the middle of the night to change discs!

    Enjoy watching Kitty!
  2. I'll have to pull out my DVD of it tonight. Ah, Kitty....the movie that sparked my love of Ginger and all things vintage! :)
  3. That sounds exciting! Sadly, I don't have TCM so I won't be able to watch it (it is on my Netflix queue though). Will you be doing the game for Roberta and Flying Down to Rio too?
  4. Hi! I nominated you for the creative blogger award -- :)
  5. SG - Hope the DVD burn turned out ok! But yeah, get Singing in the's pretty cool...well, sure you have SEEN it...

    Gingerella - You know, this is only the THIRD time I've watched it, and I wonder WHY I haven't watched it a BUNCH's just a perfect movie...Ginger is awesome in it...just perfect!

    Sally - Hope you get Kitty soon! For now, just have Kitty Q&A...but plan on more in the future - will most likely be the 'biggies' that folks have probably seen a few times...most likely a Ginger/Fred next time.

    KG - THANKS! It feels great that you enjoy G-ology! Appreciate it!
  6. Of course I have - its one of my favorites! The Moses routine, while declared as ridiculous by many is one of my favorites. Wouldnt it have been cool to see Ginger dance with Gene Kelly? - That would have been a blast since both seemed to like to have a good time! I imagine something more like Bouncin The Blues from Barkleys. But Ginger didnt want to make more musicals and Im okay with that. ;)

    I got Roberta - I saw the last 1/2 hour of it and liked it better than I did last time. I forgot how much fun G&F were in that one! Got the DVD Recorder set up for Flying Down to Rio - just to have the complete set!
  7. Ginger and Gene would have been interesting... it's weird that Ginger didn't dance with anyone else (well, 'power-danced', anyway)...I guess she was serious about 'moving on to other things, career-wise'...
    Hope Rio is all accounted for... not the best overall movie, but the few GandF scenes are priceless, natch...
    MAN! You need to get the mondo box set of GandF movies! It's a bit pricey, but it is WELL worth it, a good bit of extras! I bought a set for my mom, and it is honestly the BEST present I ever gave her...she CONSTANTLY watches them...
  8. Nope no modo box set for me! I was able to get my hands on the Astaire and Rogers Collection Volume 1 (Top Hat, Follow the Fleet, Swing Time, Shall We Dance and Barkleys) and I also have copies of Gay Divorcee, Carefree and Castles. Now I have recording of Rio and Roberta for the complete set!
  9. ...well, you are getting there!
    When I bought the box set for Ma at Costco for Christmas '08, it was one of the 'now-infamous' 'partially complete' sets - it had ten DVD cases with all 10 movies noted, but actually only had 5 DVDs in it! The 'concept' was to buy this box if you already bought the 'Volume One' box - all you had to do was add the Vol. One DVDs to the empty boxes provided in this set, to make a 'complete' 10-DVD box. This was not labeled as such on the box (or at least not well enough) - so of course, after she opened it and found only 5 DVDs, we just thought - well, let's go get another one - this one was messed up...but some research done before the return revealed the 'partially complete' concept. So we got our $$$ back and just ordered thru Amazon.
    They each have some neat 'shorts' on them, but little that relates to GandF. The bio DVD 'Partners in Rhythm' is a neat overview of them both, with a good bit of interview footage from each. The Music CD is good, too, but you have that...
    OK - I am REALLY going to try to get some tunes going tomorrow (off for Pres day)...hey, the snow from Friday is gone, but now it's supposed to snow AGAIN, starting after midnight sunday - just a few hours - estimated 2-3 inches! We NEVER get two different snow events in a week... folks are all rattled around here, thinking it is a sign of end times... :-}
  10. What?! What a strange set. yup, Im happy with my makeshift set - even got my hands on a copy of Parters in Rhythm which I really enjoyed too! Youre right some of the featurettes are good too! Lucky! I wish I was off for Presidents Day tomorrow. :( And on top of that were doing Valentines Day tomorrow - not planning on any treats just letting the kids trade cards. Too bad I dont have a dress like the Carefree heart dress to wear tomorrow!
  11. Well, my daughter did end up going to school today, and they had their Valentine's Day party - so my wife and I went to it, along with our little son. My daughter goes to a private school, and my wife is one of the 'class moms' who helps out with the parties and stuff.
    Carefree - yep - that WOULD be the one to wear on Valentine's Day!
    It snowed some around suppertime - not sure if the roads will be iced over or not tomorrow...may be stuck here again. After awhile, you just want to get back to 'normal' for a few days, anyway...

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