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Ginger turns in her 1940 AcademyAward Best Actress winning role as Kitty Foyle, a hard-working girl from the wrong side of Philly, who gets mixed up with a dude from the right side of Philly, by the surname of Strafford...Wyn Strafford (Dennis Morgan), who is in love with Kitty, but also in love with...his surname... the classic tale of forbidden class romance, and how money talks... but, as I've said before, you don't HAVE enough money to keep Hu away from Kitty!

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

GingerBinge... Kitty Foyle!

...well... heck, I've had some great posts on this film in the past, so... please go check them out on this blog! And with that, instead of pontificating too much about this film (which, yeah, is my FAVE's just...GOTTA be...), I'll let Miss Kitty do the talking, through the awesomeness that is GIF...

...well, those pretty much tell the tale better than I ever could... I had a few more, but there were some frames with squiggles on them...grrrr... actually, this 'copy' of the film may not be the best... I probably should get the DVD out next time... but anyway, hopefully these are a kick, as I KNOW y'all know each second of each little scene, dialogue included...

Hope everyone out there is doing well - we are getting the kiddos back to school this week, so... hope to resume regular Gingery Programming soon... Stay Tuned! And, as always...

Keep It Gingery!